i wouldn't consider myself as a lonely person now because i do have a few beloved friends to hang out with... but don't you get this feel that sometimes, you just suddenly feel the loneliest when there were people around. laughing. but you're not laughing. you tried but just don't seemed like you could get high like others. it's an emptiness deep down your heart. and i know what causes all this, because you're not here with me. now.

expected to have a relaxed day off with you but work kept you busy. i cannot complain because i'll be a bitch if i do. i know you're working hard i know you wished you could be here but you just can't make it. i hope i can take more care of you but we don't live together nor do we even see each other much... so i guess there's really not that much i can do.

i wanted you to know that i admire you even more for what you're doing now and knowing this is for us, for a hopefully easier and better future. but it also twisted my heart knowing that sometimes you don't even have time for proper meals.

let's hope all things will just get better and better. so that the sacrifice now is worth its value. we will have a brighter future, together. love you. and it will be nice if you could try to ring me in between your jobs... so that i know you're safe.





[吉] 桂華春將到 雲天好進程 貴人相遇處 暗月再分明

像是桂花在春天飄香般地,對你也變成是運勢展開的時機。人也轉運的話,有得到崇高的地位與榮譽的機會。有觀世音菩薩或有力人士的引導。如陰天的月亮放晴般地,越來越會發生好事。 願望:會實現。疾病:會治癒。遺失物:會出現。蓋新居、搬家:好。盼望的人:變得遲遲地才出現。旅行:好。結婚、交往:全都會變成好結果。



Today is my day off! slept till late, got up played a bit sims 3, played with Apple. was really hungry so cooked some korean instant black noodle and cooked instant beef noodle soup with egg for BB before meeting Mel.

Mel took me to this nice Italian restaurant in Martin Place called Intermezzo Ristorante. It features classic Italian styling complete with an amazing wine tower that is 7.5 metres tall and the restaurant focuses on Neapolitan cuisine in grand Italian style. 2 of us had Sicilian green olives, diced marinated roma tomato with fresh herbs, extra virgin olives oil and sourdough bread to share. Scallops served in a light Gorgonzola sauce and topped with lightly seared pancetta as entrée. For main she had the long ribbon pasta with rocket, basil, pine nuts pesto and wild mushroom while I had linguine with New Zealand scampi, fresh cherry tomatoes and chilli. All pasta is cooked to order and takes about 20 minutes, but the wait was worth it becoz I really loved mine and I could have finished everything if I didnt eat before I came.

Winnie joined us later while we finished our dinner. the Italian red wine was actually nice and warmed you up in this cold day. ^^

well, I enjoyed my time with my girl friends! and I certainly enjoyed the food. will try the other Italian restaurant Mel mentioned some other time since I do love Italian cuisine~~ (despite the fattening part)

did not bring my own camera but Mel did took some photos of our plates so I guess I'll have to upload them when I get pics off Mel.

Intermezzo Ristorante

No. 1 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9229 7788

time to get back on track...

well yeah im such a slacker alright... but i have decided to make this place my blog and i will update it more regularly. so no more excuse i guess.

so many things have happened these months therefore it is so true to treasure each day.


p.s i love you


慢慢開始熟練meromero park的玩法, 安卡已經學會七項技能了! 分別是側面木頭人, 睡覺, 走路, 打哈欠, 跳, 正面木頭人, 跟搖頭! (okok i know, 這些都算"技能"確實還滿好笑的!) 從昨晚開始玩到現在, 發現珍珠幣真不好賺, 而且想買的東西很多, 錢賺的很慢! 比較漂亮的造型卻要用心幣買, 也就是要你加真錢的意思. oh well, what can i say? po張安卡睡覺打鼾的照片! 已經多了頭上的蝴蝶結跟橡木項鍊還有椅子上的葡萄王子玩偶了. 很多東西還有限量, 真不愧是日本人開發的網頁呀~~


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